Dental Implants

What Are Dental Implants? 

A dental implant is a permanent replacement tooth or bridge that is surgically positioned into your jawbone. That may sound painful to you, but with technological advancements it can be virtually pain-free. This solution is used by many who want something more stable than the classic denture.

There are many products out there that periodontists use, and we use PRETTAU® ZIRCONIA Dental Implants because they are simply the best. PRETTAU® ZIRCONIA is far more translucent than other products. Other benefits include unmatched strength and aesthetics. Never again will you have to worry about chipping or wearing down opposing teeth.

Why Our Patients Choose Dental Implants 

  • They enhance your smile and improve tooth function
  • They fill in spaces between teeth
  • They prevent tooth loss & replace missing teeth
  • They can relieve dental pain
  • They replace damaged or worn teeth & improve your overall oral health

Proudly Serving The New Rochelle, Yonkers & Mt. Vernon, NY Areas

Sparkle Dental understands that every patient of ours is different. That is why we will always evaluate your situation and mouth to find the best care and products for you. After, we will go over your options and then treat your dental problem. Call us today to schedule an appointment or request one online. 
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